We develop the entrepreneurial talent Germany needs to create a digital future.

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We create a founder-centric ecosystem and educate the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

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Network quotes

“We gained a lot of practical understanding for coherences in the Startup-Economy at the Founders Academy”

Stefan Trockel, Founders Academy-Alumni & Founder

"Don’t think that founding is not „your thing“! Founders Academy will show you how to successfully create the world around you!“

Rubin Lind Founders Academy-Alumni

“To me the Founders Foundation represents a breeding ground for entrepreneurship, a stepping stone for founders and a platform for companies, the German Mittelstand and startups to exchange/swap ideas.”

Verena Pausder Founder Fox & Sheep

"The way Founders Foundation brings together potential founders, teams and good ideas is unique. They offer them a great ecosystem to develop themselves further. It’s a lot of fun to work with the Founders Foundation."

Martin Sinner Founder Idealo

“Any founder who has completed the Founders Foundation program automatically receives a seal of quality and raises interest for investors immediately.”

Christian Miele Partner

"The Founders Foundation is important for all of Germany. They train and educate entrepreneurial talent early on and include the mittelstand on the way."

Maximilian Viessmann CEO Viessmann


I want to build a B2B unicorn (pony).

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