We sustainably increase agility & employee engagement of companies with our SaaS-tool.

Due to digitalisation most companies find themselves in a profound transformation in order to stay relevant in their market. Adaptability therefore becomes a core entrepreneurial success factor. Still only 4% of companies describe themselves as “adaptable”. With Echometer we offer a method to increase the agility of teams without requiring extensive coaching. Specifically we enable teams to run team-retrospectives which drive a continuous self-reflexion and improvement process. In short: What Trello is for Kanban boards, Echometer is for retrospectives. Echometer is a spin-off of the psychological department of the University of Münster and aims to bring psychological know-how into enterprises. The vision is to develop a data-driven coaching approach for teams and individuals, that is more effective than human coaching.

Founders Team LTR: Jean Michel Diaz, Robin Roschlau, Christian Heidemeyer
Year of founding: 2019
Batch: #6
Status: Active