CollarCare – the digital coach for dog owners.

CollarCare is the digital coach for dog owners. Through a combination of Life Logging and Wearables, the dog owner is able to track exercise, nutrition and behavior of his dog. With the help of data science and the expertise of veterinarians and dog schools, the data is analyzed and visualized. For a monthly fee, the dog owner receives benchmarks, automatic reminders, training plans and predictions that help him to solve problems and identify them before they arise. CollarCare not only solves the problems of dog owners, it also provides the pet care industry a direct touchpoint to the end consumer. CollarCare builds the largest dog data base of the world and will be a must have for every responsible dog owner.

Current Status: CollarCare has succeeded in its exit – the traditional Bielefeld-based family business HUNTER has taken over CollarCare.

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Founders Team LTR: Ursula Moos, Lukas Tenge, Martin Fenkl, Mike Langendorf
collarcare logo
Year of founding: 2018
Batch: #4
Status: Exit