Unchained Robotics

We teach collaborative robots in manufacturing how to see.

With Unchained Robotics we flexibilize automation solutions in industrial applications. From logistics to electronics, large and very small objects are handled by our intelligent image processing and robot control systems.

We provide our customers with a complete solution and take the effort out of planning and implementing the entire installation. Our approach is to offer cost-effective solutions as easily and flexibly as possible, standardized with a minimal number of components. Our unique software AVA is the heart of the flexible and lean automation solution.

Unchained Robotics is the perfect solution for those who want to work simply, safely and flexibly with collaborative robots.

Founders Team LTR: Kevin Freise, Anton Veynshter, Mladen Milicevic
Year of founding: 2019
Batch: #6
Website: www.unchainedrobotics.de
Status: Active