sentibar centralizes the entire representative market research in a database and delivers attention-grabbing content for digital info screens on the basis of this database.

So far there is no online place where current survey news and survey results can be found comprehensively, translated and appropriately prepared. We would like to change that with sentibar! Public surveys and opinion polls on current social topics are among the most attractive news contents when it comes to reaching a broad audience. Immediate and free access to this information would be of great value to many people, including decision-makers, the media and the interested public.

In addition, it could have a broader impact on improving transparency about the opinions, moods and preferences of European citizens and thus promoting mutual understanding within the European Union in general: If you like, the project adds a democratic element by allowing public opinion to be better reflected by citizens. Currently, we are marketing this data as content for digital advertising and information screens, as we have found that survey data attracts a lot of attention and is an attractive topic of conversation.

sentibar team
Founders Team LTR: Andreas Tepel, Moritz Retemeier, Ulrich Schoof, Marco Sussiek
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Year of founding: 2017
Batch: #4
Status: Active