We’ve developed an A.I. that combines Machine Reading of unstructured textual data with Data Story Telling

The global wealth of information is growing faster than ever before. However, for us humans, the easiest data to generate is text. There is so much of it that no one can understand such large amounts of textual data without effective tools. We solve this problem by developing an Artificial Intelligence that can read texts like a human, but is also capable of explaining them. We have built our AI into a larger system and named it Pharos after the historical lighthouse of Alexandria. With Pharos users can ask questions directly to these huge amounts of data. For example: Why is our product more successful in the American market than in Europe? Our AI then analyses the available data in real time, finds answers and summarises them in a transparent manner. Pharos delivers statistics and the semantic “why” in one. In order to be as customer-friendly as possible and to save users’ time, the analyses are directly provided in a very presentable and sharable format.

Founders Team LTR: Janik Jaskolski, Matthias Hartung, Philipp Cimiano
Year of founding: 2015
Batch: #2
Status: Active