Pulpo WMS

Pulpo Warehouse Management System Cloud Platform and Android App: The next step in optimizing your intra-logistics.

Pulpo WMS is a Warehouse Management System as a Service that eliminates manual, paper-based processes in warehouses and helps companies make optimal use of their space and human resources. Pulpo WMS provides an Android App for the warehouse workers and a Web-Front to manage the warehouse(s). Unlike traditional Warehouse Management Systems, Pulpo WMS has very user-friendly interfaces, without lacking very advanced functionalities. Pulpo WMS is ideal for ECommerce fulfillment thanks to its well defined API that allows for quick integrations to leading eCommerce platforms and ERPs. The Android App is compatible with several inexpensive hardware options and warehouse employees learn to execute tasks without errors in a single day. The App guides the warehouse employees in every process, for example an optimal picking-route to the right position and the right product. As a result Pulpo WMS makes warehouse optimization cost-effective and delivers an incredibly faster Return-Of-Invest often already in the first year.

pulpo team
Founders Team LTR: Thomas Kircheis, Philipp Thyben
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Year of founding: 2016
Batch: #5
Website: www.pulpowms.com
Status: Active