Founding year: 2020
Founders: Jakob Podkrajac, Felix von Minckwitz, Raul Konnerth
Batch: Lab Team
Status: active
Curawork is an online job-platform, putting caregivers at center. The start-up is aiming at disrupting the job market of the caregiving industry by reversing the application process. Based on the platform Curawork, we enable caregivers and institutions access to an immense level of transparency in a simple and low-cost way. My position within our team can be pretty much depicted as the role of the COO. Regarding my hobbies, I am passionate about martial arts and I am practicing a sub-form of karate as well as kickboxing. Apart from that, I love riding motorcycles and mostly use the weekends to take my bike out for a ride. In terms of reading, I love reading books about mindset, entrepreneurship and architecture.