veed enables direct and anonymous knowledge exchange for students. On this online platform students can interact directly and share & answer study-related questions in realtime through a mobile app.

Digital learning has been a relevant topic in education institutions for years and social interaction is a fundamental pillar of every education process. Yet big and digitized colleges with more than 15,000 students are still missing digital solutions for knowledge exchange platforms which provide usability standards like WhatsApp, Slack or StackOverflow. veed is solving this problem by connecting all students through a dynamic mobile app.

Current Status: Exit to Studydrive GmbH (2018); Acquisition of Studydrive GmbH by Stepstone GmbH / Axel Springer SE (2019)

Founders Team LTR: Nick Cannon, Sebastian Otutuama, Sergio Martins Pereira, Tim Körber
Year of founding: 2015
Batch: #1
Status: Exit