We enable companies to rent out their products instead of just selling them. In this way, we create further sales potential for our customers and at the same time bring sustainability to e-commerce.

With our Subscription Management Software for physical products, we support young companies in optimizing and scaling existing rental models and help established companies to build new, circular business models as a second mainstay.  

Our software is a white label solution that creates a customer-centric rental experience along the entire value chain of the rental model. Starting with the conclusion of a rental contract, the setup of recurring payments, self-administration by the end consumer, and ending with the management and tracking of all products by the provider. We also enable the integration of third-party providers such as logistics service providers and financing partners in the back-end. We make Circular Business Models simple and effective!

Team Foto circuly
Founders Team LTR: Cosimo Simeone, Victoria Erdbrügger, Nick Huijs
Year of founding: 2019
Batch: #6
Status: Active