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Semalytix closes series a investment totaling € 4.3 m

Semalytix today announced a € 4.3 M Series A investment led by the European investment firm btov and Seed investor Fly Ventures.

This investment has been a milestone in the company’s journey around becoming a leader in connecting authentic patient voices directly to Pharma by leveraging Tech such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Story Telling. Semalytix’s AI-powered research platform Pharos turns evidence generation and patient listening into an on-demand service. 

According to CEO and Co-Founder of Semalytix, Janik Jaskolski, Semalytix’s “vision is to help turn patient insights and patient-centricity into a real Northstar KPI in drug development.” Semalytix expresses gratitude towards all patients who have the courage to share their experiences. Mr. Jaskolski says: “Understanding your journeys is a crucial part in the development of new treatments and in improving care. Thank you.”

The focus of this investment is

  • Deepening patient understanding of current Pharma clients
  • Business development with new Pharma clients
  • Collaborative refinement of the Semalytix Pharos Suite Semalytix is openly looking for partnerships with Pharma companies that put patients first.

About Semalytix: At Semalytix, everything is about Patient Centricity. The company focuses on the questions “What would you do if you could listen to 1 billion authentic patient voices?” Semalytix allows Pharma companies to understand patient needs, treatment experiences, and disease burdens interactively and in a few clicks via their Semalytix Pharos Suite.
Their solution, the Semalytix Pharos Suite, is based on 3 pillars:

  • Access to over 25 million public data sources.
  • State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence tech that detects patient-generated content with 98% precision and analyses that content at a speed of 2 1⁄2 books per minute.
  • Intuitive dashboards that were developed with and for Pharma to access insights easily and share them quickly with the most relevant stakeholders.

Semalytix was founded in 2015 by Janik Jaskolski, Prof. Philipp Cimiano, and Dr. Matthias Hartung of the Semantic Computing Group at Bielefeld University. The company has grown to 70+ employees ranging from reputable AI to Pharma experts. Semalytix has so far successfully supported 5 Big Pharma companies on their journey towards more patient centricity.



official press release by Janik Jaskolski

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