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this is where we come from

Why would anyone create an ecosystem for founders outside of Berlin? Super easy. Let us walk you through it. The people behind Founders Foundation are determined to build a space for entrepreneurial talents and emerging founders. Anyone can move to the big city and take advantage of established infrastructures. True pioneers bring that spirit home, where companies and other tech entrepreneurs can benefit from digital innovation.

This place is not just a green meadow filled with potential; this is the heart of the German Mittelstand and hidden champions. Founders Foundation thrives thanks to the existing resources. In return, we are building the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Right here, right now.

Have you ever heard of Reinhard Mohn? If not…you’re missing out! He was not just a visionary, a man of action and a supporter of change — he was one of the greatest innovative thinkers this country has seen. He’s the one that coined the phrase: “Avoiding risks puts a company more at risk than anything else.”

We identify with what he said and how he built up his business when it was at its lowest. Reinhard Mohn left some mighty big footsteps to be filled, and we are aware of responsibility of doing just that.

Our concept is holistic and comprehensive, our goal is to guide when founders take those first steps: with the space, the education, mentoring, coaching and other helpful services. Two years ago, we didn’t know we’d be here today, but it’s happening and we are enjoying every minute of it.

We are proud of what we do. And where we do it.

others about us

“To me the Founders Foundation represents a breeding ground for entrepreneurship, a stepping stone for founders and a platform for companies, the German Mittelstand and startups to exchange/swap ideas.”

Verena Pausder Founder Fox & Sheep

"The way Founders Foundation brings together potential founders, teams and good ideas is unique. They offer them a great ecosystem to develop themselves further. It’s a lot of fun to work with the Founders Foundation."

Martin Sinner Founder Idealo

“Any founder who has completed the Founders Foundation program automatically receives a seal of quality and raises interest for investors immediately.”

Christian Miele Partner e.ventures

"The Founders Foundation is important for all of Germany. They train and educate entrepreneurial talent early on and include the mittelstand on the way."

Maximilian Viessmann CEO Viessmann


Please meet our Co-Founders

Let’s hear from our co-founders Sebastian and Dominik about their fields of expertise & startup experiences.


Sebastian Borek

CEO Founders Foundation

Nobody knows the German Mittelstand, family businesses and startup scene like Sebastian Borek

Expertise in digital transformation, growing people and building companies.

As the face of a digital movement he empowers and encourages pioneers to bring forward a cultural change

Sebastian Borek

Dominik Gross

CFO Founders Foundation

Dominik has travelled the world to learn about various types of ecosystems

Profound expertise in startup ecosystem building


Dominik Gross

CFO Founders Foundation

Dominik has travelled the world to learn about various types of ecosystems

Profound expertise in startup ecosystem building

What We Do

We inspire and train the next generation of tech entrepreneurs in our founder-centric ecosystem. This is how we shape a desirable digital future for everyone.

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