Success Story: Valuedesk

Torsten Bendlin

On the right you see Torsten, he is the “happy CEO” of Valuedesk GmbH and the starting point of this story. Torsten made quite a career in industry companies of our region. Before he founded Valuedesk he worked as Chief Procurement Officer at the Holding of Nolte Group for seven years. I think, we agree, that he can be considered a real Domain Expert, can’t we? But how did he end up in the Founders Academy?

How did he end up in the Founders Academy?

When Torsten went to Silicon Valley in the course of his MBA studies in 2014 he directly understood the vibe and the potential that this new way of business carried. He came back and built a new software for his department at Nolte Group.

Not long after this, in 2017 he eventually left the company because he had something bigger in mind: To change the whole industry, to solve a problem that he himself had experienced over years and that he never had got to accept as “the way it is”: uncarried saving potentials of industry companies. Back then, in 2017, the Founders Foundation had just moved into its first office and was a bunch of people who wanted to built something big as well.

At a pitch event where Torsten pitched his business idea, our CEO, Sebastian Borek, watched him and afterwards invited him to join our Academy program to develop Torsten’s business idea into the real Company Torsten had in mind. And what shall I say? The rest is history.

Torsten joined the Founders Academy and met two young participants: Dennis Cutraro, today Head of Operations, and Ingo Roßdeutscher, today Head of Product. Two young Master students who were participants just like him. Dennis with a math background and Ingo coming from math and physics – so rather Scientists. The three of them formed a team, rocked the Academy, kinda “fell in love for each other”, and it was clear: We want to do this together. After the Academy they applied for the B2B Accelerator, got in, rocked there and just 2 years later… Valuedesk has most of the big companies of our region under contract and is growing its team like crazy.

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