Success Story: Semalytix

Janik Jaskolski

Janik Jaskolski is the smiling guy here on the left. He is the CEO of Semalytix and studied Cognitive Computer Science at University of Bielefeld. Despite the fact that his studies feel like decades ago, his work in the Semantic Computing Research Group at the CITEC in Bielefeld is where it all started. Because in 2015 Semylatix was founded as a spin-off from this exact working group, aiming to revolutionize the Pharma industry including all the buzzwords like machine learning, AI, and more. But how did Janik ended up in the Founders Academy?

How did he end up in the Founders Academy?

Until 2015 Janik was working on a project group in the CITEC Bielefeld. At the same time in 2016 he became the CEO of, another startup that went through the Accelerator of Founders Foundation. So Janik had been quit in touch with us, the work we did and the way of business we believed in. When the potential of Semalytix beyond the actual project became clear, the project was founded as a spin-off and left the CITEC.

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