Zahnarzt-Helden are the first counterpart when it comes to purchase and technical support for dental equipment as well as practice start-up or acquisition.

Zahnarzt-Helden did not only bring sales processes to the the internet but also changed the fundamentals of purchase and technical service for dental equipment. We focus on two main areas: The dentist may acquire his or her equipment in the traditional way, by buying or leasing, but is also able to utilize our longterm-renting-service. There is no need for purchasing the device after, compared to a leasing contract, and the contract can be extended nonetheless. Accompanied by that is the availability for a device upgrade, which makes practice always up-to-date. On the other hand Zahnarzt-Helden break the dependence on dealers dentists currently face, by offering technical support for their dental equipment. Currently dealers are raising their service fees due to loss of sales for consumables. With our monthly subscription, service costs will be planable and transparent once again. Overall Zahnarzt-Helden are the provider for the purchase and use of all things dental equipment, combined with a technical support that is providing the background needed for entrepreneurial behavior in the dental field.

zahnarzthelden team
Founders Team LTR: Martin Wertgen, Carsten Janetzky, Philip Pieper
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Year of founding: 2017
Batch: #3
Status: Active