The Bloomberg terminal for the cryptocurrency space

margin built the world’s first dedicated cryptocurrency trading terminal allowing connections to multiple exchanges through it’s advanced interface. It offers a full set of technical indicators, social media integration (twitter, Reddit etc.), drawings tools and automatic trading strategies (bots). After dominating the B2C space for retail traders margin now offers enterprise grade B2B products for institutions such as it’s consolidated orderbook, smart order router and arbitrage explorer software. margin has also developed a set of APIs allowing entities with their own development teams to concentrate on frontend systems while margin handles backend connections to exchanges and their associated difficulties. margin has been powering digital asset trades since early 2014 and is in a unique position to service new entrants to the space who want to quickly play a part in the upcoming STO wave that is surely about to be upon us.

margin teamfoto
Founders Team LTR: Christof Elbrechter, René Tünnermann, Jonathan Maycock
margin logo
Year of founding: 2014
Batch: #1
Status: Active