Towards Customer Relationship Automation

Hadoco specializes in the analysis of sales data in the B2B consumer goods market. Unlike our competitors, we focus on our clients’ existing customers. The goals are to make the most out of the customer potential through better pricing, cross- and up-selling, and to strengthen customer relationships through better understanding of data. Hadoco helps you identify the right time to address your customers, select the right products and plan sales volumes. Our SaaS-solution not only measures customer- and business-specific KPIs. It also delivers actionable insights ensuring that decisions are not made based on gut instinct but are data driven. All of this is made possible by the utilisation of the latest machine learning algorithms, which provide the sales professionals with a highly automated intelligent evaluation and recommendation suite. The necessary data is available in every company and the Plug & Play approach provides everyone the chance to profit from AI.

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Founders Team LTR: Armin Hagemeier, Boris Donchev
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Year of founding: 2016
Batch: #4
Website: www.hadoco.de/de/
Status: Active