1sales.io is a cloud-based sales solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

It is characterized by a very simple setup, a fair and easy cost structure and high usability. Due to the integration of calendar, phone and mail functions, the user can continue to use his proven tools – 1sales.io performs the synchronization in the background fully automatically. For sales managers, 1sales.io provides insight into all sales-relevant figures and activities of the employees, without them losing themselves in micromanagement or having to practice time-consuming data maintenance.

Adam and Sascha, the two founders of 1sales, who met at primary school, have been self-employed for more than 15 years and founded their first joint company in 2011, building a strong team behind them.

With the completion of the Founders Camp Batch #3 at the beginning of 2018, 1sales was founded and convinced the first Business Angels as investors. The first results from online marketing quickly confirmed that there is great interest in a modern CRM solution “Made in Germany”.

After the product-market fit has been achieved, the upcoming year is all set for growth. Currently 1sales is looking for further investors for the upcoming seed round.

1sales team
Founders Team LTR: Adam Parusel, Sascha Hopp
1sales logo web
Year of founding: 2018
Batch: #3
Website: www.1sales.io
Status: Active