It’s time to start up!

You have an idea? We will help you to build a business from it within six months.


When your business model is up and running, and you’ve received positive feedback from your customers, that’s when it really begins!

Financing, team building, sales, legal, international brands and so on – it always grows to become more demanding. At Founders Camp, the Founders Foundation provides support over the course of six months with workshops, a network to leading VC companies and strategic partners, as well as other formats, so that the business founders are fit for the actual market. Your success is our duty!

Boost your business!

You can look forward to a six-month programme, during which people who want to start a business develop to become real entrepreneurs. You can also look forward to possibly the most exciting six months of your life. What you can expect:

Sit down, get going
Your team will get permanent workplaces and free access to the most important tools.

Listen up
Experts will talk to you about fascinating topics relating to your business, and also about the less enjoyable topics, which you’ve ignored until now.

Paving the way
Experienced venture partners, who have successfully founded companies themselves, will support you and your team throughout the entire process as mentors.

Stay hungry
But never thirsty. Relax at the coffee bar or grab yourself a soft drink from the fridge.

It’s all on you
In your team you will work on your idea, but we’ll all help each other and learn from one another, or simply bounce off one another.

Events, Events
In workshops, open lectures etc., you will get to learn new approaches and ideas, and quite a few lovely people!


Become your own boss!
How? With direct startup support and power! Our next camp starts in autumn, for which you can apply from September onwards. Stay tuned! Stay hungry!


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Watch out! You’ll experience all this at the Founders Camp…