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A place to validate ideas

Founders Lab
A place to
validate ideas

Validate your concept. Build a team. Connect to other talent. Our Founders Lab is the ideal launchpad for your business. We offer you a unique mixture of validation process, mentoring events, and founders community.

A place to work

Evolve your business in our 24/7 office space.

A place to learn

Enjoy access to our Masterclasses.

A place to connect

Build a network with other talents.

A place to train

Get support by our mentors.

A place to team up

Use our conference- and meeting-rooms.

A place to meet

Attend our community events.


Experimental space

Mentor support

Innovative work environment

Community events

Leading to success

Move on to problem-solution fit and get ready for acceleration.


Find the right people and team up to refine your business.

Mentors & Masterclasses

Deepen your skills and shape your mindset as an entrepreneur.

Hello opportunity

Our lab is your lab – so feel free to contact us.