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“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.” (Eric Ries)


Find a top co-founder and validate a B2B business idea to Problem-Solution-Fit.


Master your skills and become the next CXO in Online Marketing, Sales, Product Design and Coding.


Three month scholarship in our lab to validate your problem-solution-fit based on the lean startup method.

Do what you love

You want to reach the stars but your rocket is missing? Well, let’s build it together! We give you the blueprints, train you, guide you through the process and ignite it with the combined power of our amazing Founders Foundation network of successful entrepreneurs, mentors and tech experts. Doesn’t matter what background you have – scientist, engineer or business expert – our trainings will give you the tools needed to startup!

Our expertise

On the way to success, entrepreneurs face countless challenges. We provide the necessary expertise to master them.

A unique, hands-on entrepreneurial academy program

Direct support and advice of europeans top founders

Innovative training formats powered by Europe's leading MBA Professors

Access to a Strong network of alumnis

Learn from
our mentors

Our Mentors lead the training sessions. The ‘walk the talk’ and share their experience with you – open and honest.

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