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Life in the Founders Foundation

The Founders Foundation culture lives from ambitious, curious and responsible people. Every day looks different and there are always new tasks that will increase your learning curve. This is what our employees say:

Netsai Ndaza



“The Founders Foundation literally lives the lean startup method. Here you get to know how important learning by doing is. At the Founders Foundation, I have the freedom and confidence to test a new project and to incorporate the knowledge gained in further development through customer feedback.”

simon brakhage


Partnership MANAGER

“The Founders Foundation offers an international mindset in the heart of the German “Mittelstand”. In addition, a work enviroment with changing and exciting projects. Through cross-functional teams and New Work Spirit, ideas are not only developed, but put into practice.”

Lena Schüler

Front Desk Manager

“Focus on the Founder. The Founders Foundation welcomes everyone who wants to get involved in the start-up scene. It’s great how we create a community that knows no boundaries and moves beyond OWL.”

founders mentor

Become a pioneer

You have visions? Are you curious? Want to create something new? Perfect! We are looking for pioneers like you here in Bielefeld! Upps – in Bielefeld? Admittedly, we often hear this question. And of course we have an answer that is unbeatable:

In Bielefeld not only our heart beats, but also the heart of the German middle class! With 120,000 companies, we live in one of the most exciting B2B regions in Germany.The founding DNA of our ancestors is part of our identity: we are breaking new ground. We are rethinking. Together with us, build a unique tech ecosystem– for founders by founders – in which old and new merge.

Our Benefits​

Founders Family

This is where true friendship and cohesion are created.

Community Events

Workshops, events, programs, lots of responsibility

Centrally Located

Perfect connections, right in the center of Bielefeld

Flexible Work Schedule

We help you at work, where life takes place


We have a clear educational mission for founders and startups


Varied breakfast and lunch at a fair price

Why we do what we do

We are convinced that start-ups can develop their full potential together with us. We form the perfect interface between young, agile start-ups and established companies with a wide reach.

FoundersAcademyPizchday7 43

Your way to us

In four easy steps to your new job. We don’t have a long application process. If you fit in with the Founders Foundation, it’s fast and you’ll become part of our family.

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These are our open positions

We inspire and train hundreds of entrepreneurs to build 10-12 strong traction start-ups each year and help them get their first funding. We are proud to be one of the world’s leading organizations for entrepreneurship education. That’s why we need you to keep growing!



Antje Schmitz

Got questions?

If you have any questions about vacancies, the application process or unsolicited applications, you can contact Antje at any time. For the actual application, please follow the application forms provided for each job.