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Founders Academy

Apply now for the next Founders Academy, starting in september!


What we are offering you

To start your own successful enterprise, you will learn a lot about the most important Do’s & Don’ts concerning Startups. You will also receive lots of information and input about Canvas, Lean-Startup, Funding and a variety of other topics.


What you can expect

Besides your daily business, the Academy is going to challenge you with a compact 8-Week-Program:
a KickOff-Meeting, three workshop weekends and a phenomenal Pitchday await you.

12.09.2018 | 18:00
IDEA Workshop
21.- 22.09.2018

29.09.2018 I 09:00
Solution Workshop
05.- 06.10.2018

10.10.2018 I 18:00
Building Workshop
19.- 20.10.2018

30.10.2018 I 15:00


That’s what former academy attendees have to say

“We had the chance to precise our business model and to establish contact to new people like mentors and like-minded-people from the Startup environment”

Julian Löbbers
Founder Horsebuddy

“Getting the theoretical background for validation, team, funding, assessment, Unit Economics etc. was very valuable. You furthermore meet a lot of different and exciting new people with a likewise mindset. All in all, I would heartily recommend the Academy to anyone who wants to start an
innovative Startup.”

Christian Brandhorst
Founder narando

“We gained a lot of practical understanding for coherences in the Startup-Economy at the Founders Academy”

Stefan Trockel


That’s what the former attendees have experienced


We are glad that you are interested in the Founders Academy! Use the button APPLY if you want to participate. To receive more information about the complete process and additional news about the Founders Foundation, make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter.


To get more information about the format and procedure of the Academy you can check out our FAQs
and the programm.


Who can join?

You want to learn how the process behind launching your Startup is like? You already have an idea in mind or you want to reinforce an already existing team? No matter at what level you’re at – the Academy is suited for everybody that wants to found a company, whether it’s an individual or a team. During the Academy we especially concentrate on ideas with a high level of digitalization and potential for scaling.

What does the application process look like?

The application is about answering a few questions about who you are and why you want to join the Academy. We just want to get to know you! We will ask you about your background, your previous experience and have a burning interest in finding out about your motivation to apply for the Founders Academy. Also, we would like to receive a short video about you, the applicant, talking about your idea or why you want to join the Academy. At the end, a selection committee will decide who the next attendees of the Founders Academy are going to be.

What to expect at the Academy

The Academy is divided in three blocks: Idea, Solution and Building. These blocks are conducted by
Prof. Dr. Jan Brinckmann who works at the ESADE Business School as the director of the
Entrepreneurship Lab of the MBA Program (chosen as one of the Top 10 Programs in
Entrepreneurships by the Financial Times).
Through the three parts of the Program, the attendees of the Academy will learn about how to
successfully implement and scale ideas. Furthermore, a group of high-caliber Entrepreneurs will talk
about their experiences and will be available for discussion.
You have questions or need more suggestions/stimuli? No problem, during the whole Academy you
and the other attendees will have high qualified mentors at your side. Moreover, there are regular
“Academy Meet-Ups” where you can use the Know-How and space of the Founders Foundation
(Obernstraße 44, 33602 Bielefeld) for fine-tuning your business. At the concluding Pitch Day, you will present your final results to a Jury.
Take a look at our detailed Program!

How much does the participation in the Founders Academy cost?

Participation in the Founders Academy is connected to a fee of 199€ – in some special cases we offer
need-based scholarships.

Become part of Founders Academy

Become part of
Founders Academy

Do you still have some questions?

If you have further questions, please contact Annalena (