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A desirable digital future needs brave entrepreneurs and disrupting innovation and business models. Part-time over the course of 10 weeks our Founders Education program offers you a platform to find a complementary co-founder and validate your B2B business opportunity to a convincing Problem-Solution-Fit.

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Founders Lab

We offer you co-working, individual mentoring and community events. You will be able to validate your business case to the Problem-Solution-Fit and built a long lasting network. The successful completion of our program is your entry ticket to our Founders Lab and Accelerator where you can further develop your startup.

Part-time program

The program is designed part-time allowing you to participate beside your current occupation, let it be a full-time job, a master thesis, a research project or other. On a regular basis we will offer great online workshops and virtual meet-ups with successful entrepreneurs. Our event will always take place during the week after working hours or on the weekends.

Top Experts

The program is lead by internationally recognized experts such as Prof. Dr. Jan Brinckmann, under top 5 Entrepreneurship professors worldwide and Head of MBA at ESADE Barcelona, or Dr. Sebastian Kortmann, Director of MBA program at University Amsterdam.

Founders network

The Founders Foundation is playing in the premier league of Germany’s startup education and is well-connected to the international startup scene. We are proud of our network of highly-qualified mentors and experts, industry partners, business angels and VCs.

Strong track record

Over the past years we have built a strong track record and reputation for successful B2B startups, mainly in the fields of IoT, SaaS for automation of management processes, Industry4.0, Crypto Currency and disrupting B2B marketplaces. We don’t hesitate to address white spots you might miss in your validation, which then enables you to scale faster later on.

B2B expertise

We are experts in building successful B2B business cases. Our region, with its many industry companies right in the heart of the German Mittelstand, is perfect for finding first pilot customers. The Hinterland of Things conference brings 1.5k movers and shakers from both worlds together and is the annual “lighthouse event” for the whole region.

Our application process

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Fill in our application form (20 min). After completion, a couple weeks later, you receive an invite to answer 4 questions in a virtual interview (15 min).


We get >200 applications for 30 spots. An expert jury will assess your application and recommend the best applicants to us.


You will receive a final answer from us whether you got accepted to the next program batch around May.

Start up

Confirm your participation and get ready for the kick-off. Whoop whoop.

Frequently asked questions

Alfons Kampmann

Program Manager Education

There is no “too old”! Quite the opposite: It can be a real advantage to have professional experience in your luggage and a serious ambition to start a business!

The virtual sessions will be on a regular weekly basis. More over we will organize some special meet-ups with extraordinary entrepreneurs where you can learn form the best! And don’t worry – all sessions will take place after working hours or during the weekends so everyone should be able to participate even if you have a full time job.

EDP/Tech/software knowledge is not absolutely necessary. Because one person never founds alone (at least in our philosophy). Therefore we will match you with a complementary co-founder. A complementary and quick-witted team is one of the top 3 success factors. For this reason: To know one’s own strengths but also missing competences is a good basic requirement.

Good! Because we will match teams, so not everyone needs a case. We do however expect open and honest interest in technological innovation. We also gather “sponsored ideas” by experts from our network, who then become your “idea sponsor”. Your benefit from this? You have an expert mentor right on hand.

At Founders Foundation we focus on B2B business cases in particular. We want innovations that improve the lives of many and create great value – not on a small level. We aim for nothing less than tenfold growth! Make sure to tell us as much as possible about your business idea in your application.

We try best to match the best talents considering their hard and soft skills as well as their interests and personalities. We will provide certain virtual sessions where you will have the opportunity to get to know each other remotely in order to exchange ideas, create a new one or simply join anther team that is already executing on a certain startup case!

Sometimes cases don’t work out right away. They just don’t show the potential you first saw in them. This is normal and absolutely no sign for you to give up. We want you to have an open mind, appreciate the feedback you get and take it seriously. If you then realize, it’s not working – no worries! We will assess the situation together with you, will decide whether a pivot makes sense or whether you might have to start all over again – that’s just the way startup life goes.

… is before the Accelerator. If your validation has been positive and revealed real potential of course we won’t let you down. You will be qualified to apply to our fulltime Accelerator program. In case you may need another validation loop we will most certainly offer you a seat in our Founders Lab where we will continue to mentor you until you have reached a convincing Problem-Solution-Fit.

On the weekends you will gain valuable and necessary input on all relevant topics when founding a startup. But the “real” work, namely work “in the market”, “on the customer” gets done during weekdays. We expect you to be ready for a couple very intense months where you should be willing to commit around 20 hours per week for your business validation, even when you are working full-time. 10 weeks is not a lot of time and we want you to get to results as quick as possible and not waste time.

Every talent that convinces us and that is accepted by our internal jury will receive a complete scholarship worth 3.000€ for our Founders Startup School. With other words: We won’t charge you any admission fee! But as the 10-week program is worth about 3000€/participant we expect nothing less than your fullest 1000% commitment and an attendance rate above 85%. This is your chance of a lifetime – So take it and appreciate it. Otherwise leave it for someone else! We do not accept excuses like “i didn’t have time”, “the job..”. Commitment is everything!


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