Home is where your heart is. With Bielefeld being the heartland of the German Mittelstand we know where your new home will be. Hold on, we literally can see the big question mark above your head asking: Why Bielefeld of all places?

Because it is the road less travelled everybody is looking for but few ever find – a hidden gem that offers everything you expect from the city you choose to live in. It is your chance to help us create a founder-centric ecosystem and educate the next generation of tech entrepreneurs in a highly innovative environment; your chance to establish a prolific connection between the old and the new; your chance to become a real pioneer.



Why we do what we do

We believe entrepreneurial skills are essential to master change. And we are convinced that the agility and creativity of young entrepreneurs and the consistency and outreach of seasoned corporates are the perfect match. This is why we help them get together: To shape a desirable digital future for everyone.

We are 




We have strong values.

And we want you to have them too.

If you are …

a challenger of the status quo


the best version of yourself

the person you want to work with

a driver of innovation

yourself - as a part of the team

reliable and transparent

… you are one of us.


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