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It is often a difficult path to the success you desire. Accompany our camp startups during their six months at the Founders Camp and experience their ups and downs live.


You can learn everything about our camp startups here. Who they are, what they’re worried about and how they will use their time in an incubator programme.

Our superstars from
Founders Camp #1 & #2

Customers of Khador can use an interactive 3D web-configurator to style their speakers to their desired design and size. This includes a selection of various colour, wood and metal finishes. With digital amplifiers and Wi-Fi, Khador achieves top-quality and high connectivity for multi-room sound. View profile

Das Team

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Lieblingskapital  creates and maintains individual asset portfolios of valuables, vintage cars, valuable watches and wines. View profile


Lieblingskapital on Instagram

Trendiamo is the kick-starter for fashion, a platform for all fashion designers and enthusiasts. We offer a presentation area for every type of fashion project, whilst simultaneously offering the possibility of pre-financing, implementation and trend forecasting through crowd sourcing. View profile


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Valuedesk is a B2b-SaaS solution for industrial purchasing. With valuedesk, the long process of product optimisation and cost reduction becomes smart and simple via measures tracking and analysis. View profile


Entori transfers digital sales and marketing tactics to attracting employees. Careers pages and job descriptions become optimised landing pages with a first class user experience. Employers are able to win candidates over with authentic and informative glimpses into their business culture, removing the barriers of applying or making contact. View profile


Semalytix offers customised software solutions and consultation services. These services are available for uses such as:

  • Monitoring social media
  • Extracting information from unstructured data
  • Semantic searches through unstructured data

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veed ist eine feed-basierende App für anonyme Kommunikation mit dem Fokus auf themenspezifischen Informations- und Wissensaustausch. Zum Profil


KwiqJobs is a marketplace for mobile microjobs. With our app, people can complete simple jobs at any time or in any location, and thereby earn real money. These jobs are created by businesses, researchers and other organisations on our platform, and are offered on the marketplace to the desired target audience. View profile


The FoodTracks algorithm® is based on a unique combination of algorithms from research and longstanding trade know-how. With more than 500 billion precise decisions per month, we are helping businesses from trade and industry to increase their revenue. View profile


The startup cygni has developed a digital asset exchange and offers additional services in the areas of blockchain intelligence and analytics. View profile